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What is Scor!?

Scor! - String Experiences for Adults

Scor! is a musical, educational, creative program custom-designed exclusively for adult string players by national leaders in the field. We help you learn, grow, and transform in your playing. We provide the highest quality expert teachers who have decades of experience teaching adults. When you participate in Scor!, you also join our Scor! community, a supportive and encouraging atmosphere brimming with positive relationships, motivation, & inspiration.

Scor! Strings Membership

for adults who play violin, viola, cello, & bass

Join us in this ongoing learning opportunity! Improve your playing. Enrich your knowledge. Connect with like-minded players. Get ongoing support and advice from Scor! faculty. Enjoy personable live sessions. Benefit from Q&As. More of Scor!... all year long! Your membership grants you access to our extensive instructional library, our engaging community forum, and monthly live classes with Q&As.
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What do you think about Scor!?

Scor! participants share their thoughts...


Grant, from British Columbia

A heartfelt thank you for the life-changing experience of Scor!. Not only do you provide learning in an environment of tolerance, humor, and expertise, but you enable the establishment of new life-long friendships and life experiences, the whole while encouraging personal progress to attain mastery over an already difficult task. You enable others to grow as musicians and as people. Nothing is a finer legacy for you, than this.


Nancy from Georgia

Educational, Supportive, Inspiring. It's really great to have been a part of Scor! for over 10 years and to have gotten tremendous feedback concerning my personal journey and ways to continue my musical growth. And I love Beth and Kyle.

Energized and refreshed!

Meaghan from Ohio

"Scor! unlocked my playing, both in technique and confidence. I have soaring energy and renewed enthusiasm to play with my community symphony and to try out new material on my own. The experience was very positive. The faculty were funny and reassuring. They offered constructive feedback without being intimidating. I learned so much! This was a wonderful experience all the way around. I am energized and refreshed."

Dream come true!

Rita from NY

The Scor! experience was truly life-changing. Thank you for helping make a dream come true!
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Welcome to Scor!

Scor! Founder welcomes you in this video!

Is Scor! right for me?

Are you...

  • an adult who plays violin, viola, cello, or bass?

  • wanting to learn, improve, and grow on your instrument?

  • looking for a high-quality, low-pressure educational experience?

  • interested in being part of a supportive, encouraging community of like-minded players?

  • If so, you've come to the right place. Join us!


for violin, viola, cello, & bass

Improve your playing & have fun with music! Our engaging deep-dive interactive courses will last 6 weeks each. You'll learn lots of important & rarely shared playing tips, and you'll get to play unique & beautiful music, too! Focus in on enriching your knowledge and improving your playing! Courses with different topics & music will be offered throughout the year.

Topical Individual Instruction

one-on-one sessions for violin, viola, or cello

Want one-on-one help to learn and grow in your playing? Pick a topic or request one of your own, and receive a series of 4 live and interactive individual online sessions, catered exactly to your level and needs. Written resources also included!

Scor! Store

Sheet Music by Beth Bultman

Check out our sheet music... now for sale at the Scor! Store!

Scor! Offerings

What is unique about each offering?

  • Scor! Strings Membership

    When you join as a member, you'll find improvement at your fingertips with our instructional library. You'll also be an instant part of our engaging community forum, where you can get answers to your string-playing questions anytime! Also, enjoy live monthly classes with Q&As on relevant topics to help you improve & enjoy music more! (Members pay monthly or annually for ongoing membership priveleges.)

  • In-Person

    Scor! Reunions are in-person gatherings where we focus on ensemble playing & connecting with others in a relaxed environment.

  • Interactive Courses

    These engaging deep-dive interactive courses will last 6 weeks each. They will start & end at a specific time, & include live classes. Sign up to learn from experienced, high-quality teachers along with your peers. Focus on enriching your knowledge and improving your playing in a specific area, & have fun playing music! Courses with different topics & music are offered throughout the year.

  • Topical Individual Instruction

    Sometimes there isn't enough time in your private lessons or ensemble amidst your musical endeavors to address or focus on certain topical areas. Experience expert instruction, and hone in on areas of weakness or obstacle in your playing to see real improvement. Offered in a sequence of 4 sessions, custom scheduled. Topical handouts provided.

  • Self-Paced Courses

    Self-Paced courses allow you to start & stop whenever you want, and learn at your own pace. You can begin a self-paced course anytime! When you sign up, you'll get access to all the course material at once. Then, you can go through the material at your own pace. You'll pay a one-time fee, & then the material is always ready & waiting for you whenever you want it. You can ask questions of the instructor anytime, and you'll have access to the material for as long as you need.


about Scor!...

  • Who participates in Scor!?

    Adults who play violin, viola, cello, or bass, and want to learn, grow, and find camaraderie.

  • What level of player do I have to be?

    We design our programs to benefit players of many levels from recent beginners to lifelong amateur players. Our instruction is relevant for a wide range of levels. If you have more questions about your level, please ask! (Email us directly below, or see "contact us" in the footer.)

  • What programs do you offer?

    We offer Membership, Interactive Courses, Topical Individual Instruction, & In-Person gatherings.

  • When are Scor! programs offered?

    Our programs are offered all year long. You can sign up for our ongoing Membership, a 6-week interactive course offered at intervals throughout the year, or a series of 4 topical individual instruction sessions, beginning anytime. Our In-Person Reunions will happen in the summer of 2023.

  • There are a lot of Scor! offerings, and it's a lot to take in. What should I do first?

    If you're unsure of what to start with, become a Scor! Strings Member. This is our foundational offering, & you can sign up & start learning & getting connected anytime. Then, if you want add other offerings such as a course, you can do so later at intervals. Besides, as a member, you'll also get discounts on all our other offerings!

  • When will you have in-person Scor! events again?

    This summer: July/August 2023. See our In-Person Page for more info.

  • I have a credit from a cancelled Scor! Camp. Can I use it for any program?

    Yes! You can use your credit to sign up for one of our interactive courses, being offered at intervals throughout the year. You can also use your credit for an annual membership or request a coupon for merchandise at the Scor! Store. When a new signup with credits is available, you'll find out via email. Your other choice is to use the credit for an in-person event in the summer of 2023, as your credit will last through December 31, 2023.) For more info regarding credits, check out our credits page through the link below.


How can I use my Scor! credit?

Support Scor!

Help us get back to putting on in-person events!

Help us prepare the way for future in-person events by making a financial contribution to Scor!. We need your support to pull this off! Help us ready the home base facility for in-person events, and build a more resilient mobile infrastructure so we can put on future tour events.


Just ask!

We are happy to answer your questions about Scor! Ask your faculty directly by emailing us through the link below. We look forward to connecting!