What is Topical Individual Instruction?

Benefit from one-on-one customized instruction based on a topic of your choice. You'll enjoy a series of 4 sessions, which can be scheduled flexibly to fit your needs. You'll also receive written materials based on your topic. You'll pay a one-time fee for the package.


Topical Indiviudual Instruction includes...

  • A series of 4 individual online sessions

  • Written followups of each lesson

  • Additional written resources & tips on your topic

  • Your choice of topic... choose from the list below or request your own!

Topical Individual Instruction Overview

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Should I sign up?

Topical Individual Instruction is for you if you...

  • Play violin, viola, or cello.

  • Look forward to learning from highly experienced faculty who have decades of experience teaching adults.

  • Want customized one-on-one help with a specific area of your playing so you can make noticeable progress. (See topics below.)

  • Own a laptop, desktop, or tablet, have internet access, and are somewhat comfortable with computers & internet use. (No expertise required!)

Pricing Options

Sign up for 4 individual sequential sessions, or choose only 1 session.

Topics: Cello

Choose a topic listed here for your series of 4 individual sessions. Or request a topic of your own! (Need help choosing a topic? Just ask! Email us at bottom.)

  • Practicing efficiently & effectively

  • Play Dynamically

  • Overcoming Mental Obstacles

  • Stylistic Fiddling

  • Improvisation 101

  • ...or request a topic of your own!

Topics: Violin or Viola

Choose a topic listed here (or above in the cello segment) for your series of 4 individual sessions. Or request a topic of your own! (Need help choosing a topic? Just ask! Email us at bottom.)

  • Mastering Vibrato

  • Help with Shifting

  • Developing Left Hand Agility

  • Loosen Up! Play without unnecessary tension

  • Improve your bow strokes & articulation

  • Find your smooth sound & develop your tone

  • Scratchy sounds? Clean up your bow technique

  • From the beginning... focus on foundational elements

  • Flow the bow... eliminate the hiccups & shakes

  • ...or choose from the cello segment above... or request your own!


Custom scheduled for you!

  • Once you sign up, we will be in touch to schedule your individual sessions.

  • Sessions will be scheduled for 1 hour each.

  • Recommendation #1: Once a week for 4 consecutive weeks. This can help you build on what you're learning but still give you time to practice in between.

  • Recommendation #2: Once every other week. If you are busy or involved with other lessons and ensembles, this might work better for you and give you more time to reinforce what you're learning.

  • We will generally be scheduling individual sessions on weekday afternoons, but will work with you until we find a mutually agreeable time.

  • You can expect to start your sessions within about 2-4 weeks of signing up.


Leading Adult String Educators

String Faculty, Program Director

Beth Bultman

Ms. Bultman is a co-founder of Scor! and has spent the last 2 decades teaching & coaching thousands of adult string players. She earned her Bachelor’s & Master’s Degrees from the Eastman School of Music, studying performance, pedagogy, chamber music, & composition. She has over 20 years of experience teaching at all levels (beginner to collegiate), and specializes in adult string players. Since the age of 14, she has played professionally in many orchestras and chamber groups. She composes well-loved music for strings, and frequently performs her own compositions, in addition to classical, fiddle, sacred, and unique free improvisation duos with husband Kyle.

Violin / Viola Faculty, CEO

Kyle Bultman

A co-founder of Scor!, Kyle has taught thousands of adults for over 20 years. His education includes Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from the Eastman School of Music. His musical training is extensive, having worked with Peter Salaff (Cleveland Quartet), Phillip Ying (Ying Quartet), Ron Leonard, and Roland & Almita Vamos, some of the leading concert-artist instructors in the world. Mr. Bultman served as a collegiate Violin Instructor at Roberts Wesleyan College, as well as directing and founding its Chamber Orchestra, a touring ensemble. He also has extensive professional performance experience in orchestras and chamber music, and two decades of teaching experience. Mr. Bultman’s unique abilities as a performer include his diversity of styles, flexibility, and ability as an improviser.


about Topical Individual Instruction

  • Are there any level requirements?

    None whatsoever. Since these are individual sessions, we will cater exactly to your level, whatever that may be!

  • How long are the sessions?

    The individual sessions will be scheduled for 1 hour each.

  • How are they scheduled?

    We'll offer you some possible dates and times, and custom schedule them based on availability. We recommend either every week or every other week, but can customize the schedule to your needs.

  • What if my internet konks out during the session?

    We'll work with you to make sure that you receive all 4 sessions as promised, one way or the other.

  • If I decide later I don't want any more sessions, can I have a refund?

    No, we don't give refunds, as you are paying in advance for a block of 4 sessions. You can always schedule the remainder of your sessions at a later time, though, as you have 12 months to complete the series of 4 sessions, in case something comes up for you.

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