Finally... In-Person!

Let's get together again!

Music, friends, & fun! Look forward to playing together in ensemble this summer! Reunite with old friends & make new friends as you experience music in the supportive & encouraging Scor! community. You'll enjoy relaxing & connecting with others, plus you'll learn, grow, and be inspired!

Scor! National Reunions

July/August 2023 near Rochester NY

Join other people just like you from all over! We'll start with an evening cookout on Tuesday, & get to know each other in a casual, relaxed environment. Music making beings Wed morning and goes through Saturday. Plan to rest up and TRAVEL BACK ON SUNDAY.

Basic Week

July 11-15 (Tues - Sat)

Perfect for the earlier player. Boost your playing skills, gain confidence, & fulfill your ensemble-playing dreams! there are currently a few spaces available for this event. Applications close on June 13. APPLY NOW! Travel in on Tues July 11. We'll start with an evening cookout, & get to know each other in a casual, relaxed environment. Afterward, travel back on Sun July 16.

July General Week

July 18-22 (Tues - Sat)

SOLD OUT! This event is full. Please contact us to be put on the waiting list in case of cancellations. (Come in August instead! See August General Week below.) Travel in on Tues July 18. We'll start with an evening cookout, & get to know each other in a casual, relaxed environment. Afterward, travel back on Sun July 23.

Musical Leadership Intensive (Performance Week)

Aug 1 - 5 (Tues - Sat)

Especially for Advanced Players & String Teachers. Fine tune your playing & musical leadership skills to elevate your playing in any ensemble. Space is available for this event. Contact us & we'll meet with you to answer any questions. APPLY NOW! Travel in on Tues Aug 1. We'll start with an evening cookout, & get to know each other in a casual, relaxed environment. Afterward, travel back on Sun Aug 6.

August General Week

August 8-12 (Tues-Sat)

Perfect for most amateur players & enthusiasts. Learn, grow, have fun playing with others, & be inspired. Space is available for this event. APPLY NOW! Travel in on Tues Aug 8. We'll start with an evening cookout, & get to know each other in a casual, relaxed environment. Afterward, travel back on Sun Aug 13.

Which week do I attend?

How do I know what level I am?

This is different than in the past, where participants of all levels came to the same week. Now, each week is designed for a specific level. Come to the week for your level! This means that you will feel right at home surrounded by others at your level, with the music & instruction being catered right to you! With our relatively limited event capacity, this will ensure that everyone has the best possible musical, learning, and community experience.

Where will the Scor! National Reunions 2023 be held?

In Canandaigua, in the western New York State Finger Lakes Region

Canandaigua (can-an-DAY-gwa) is a jewel in the nationally recognized Finger Lakes Region of NY, known for its 5 large finger-shaped lakes. Wineries & breweries abound, in addition to a variety of dining and shopping experiences, outdoor recreation, historic atmosphere, and loads of summer fun!

Where's Canandaigua?

Canandaigua is situated in western New York State, about 35 minutes southeast of Rochester, 1.75 hours east of Niagara Falls, & almost 6 hours northwest of New York City.

What about the Venue?

Nestled in the hills of the bucolic Finger Lakes Region, 15 minutes southwest of downtown Canandaigua, is a gorgeous retreat dubbed Reflections. From stunning sunsets over the glassy pond to eagles soaring on mountain thermals, it is a place of inspiration & rest - indeed, a place of Reflections (pictured below). Breathe in the fresh mountain air, feel the gentle breezes, enjoy the scenic views, and escape from the noise and demands of the world. Time for a music vacation!

What's the application process?


In-Person Scor! includes...

  • Lots of fun ensemble playing!

  • Group instructional classes to help you improve

  • Relaxed time to connect with others

  • A vacation experience in a fantastic area at a beautiful retreat

What's new?

These things are changing from previous Scor! events...

  • Instead of participants of each level coming all at once, YOUR WEEK is dedicated to YOUR LEVEL. That you're comfortable with, instruction tailored just for your level, and an unbeatable customized experience.

  • The venue... is BEAUTIFUL! You'll be able to enjoy a serene, relaxing natural environment while still being a short drive away from anything you need.

  • Events are LONGER, which means... more time for ensemble playing, more opportunities to improve, more relaxed community-building time, & more worth your trip!

  • Great Location... we are in the renowned Finger Lakes Region of New York State, a hot spot for tourism, wineries, breweries, history, unique dining & shopping, and beautiful natural surroundings... Music Vacation, HERE I COME!

  • No more traipsing around with your instrument! You'll have a home spot in ensemble that's always there and always yours. You won't have to switch rooms or buildings for various rehearsals, making your experience simpler & easier.

  • We have a more robust application process that ensures you'll attend the right week for your level, and makes sure all your questions are answered and needs are taken care of. Apply --> Chat --> Accepetance --> Payment. (See application process FAQs above.)

What's the same?

These things are the same as previous Scor! events...

  • Lots of FUN MUSIC-MAKING! Ensemble playing is the main thing!

  • FRIENDS! You'll experience plenty of camaraderie, and get to meet lots of people who love music just like you!

  • LEARN & GROW! You'll learn a ton playing with others, be equipped to become a better player technically & musically, and build your abilities and your confidence!

  • Encouraging can-do atmosphere, supportive environment, inspirational!

  • Knowledgeable, experienced, supportive faculty!

  • Tailor-made exclusively for adult string players. (No kids or teens!)

  • Smiling faces, fun meals together, close-knit camaraderie. It's "back to normal"... 2019-style.

Staying Healthy at Scor!

Health Protocols & Policies for In-Person Events

Get lots of great tips on staying healthy both at Scor! and while traveling (from experienced travelers!). Check out our health protocols & policies, and find out more about the environment at In-Person Scor!.

Should I plan to leave early?

What? And miss the best part?

You have traveled all the way here. You've put forth all the effort of planning and investing in yourself. Why sell yourself short? Would you leave a lovely restaurant meal or treasured vacation before it was over? Don't think so. You'd milk it! Or would you leave your plane flight before it was over? (Not recommended! : - ) We know you're the kind of person that doesn't give up, and finishes what you started. So why miss out on the final hours of camp? You'll want to milk every bit of your Scor! experience, and get your money's worth. Plus, you won't want to miss out on the best part at the end of Saturday! Plan to stay and travel back on Sunday!

Questions About In-Person Scor!?

Find out the answers below!

  • What is Scor! offering now?

    We have in-person events going on this summer as well as an ongoing Membership designed to help you learn & improve, and have fun with music from anywhere!

  • Where will your 2023 in-person events take place?

    At our home base in western New York State: Canandaigua NY, near Rochester NY.

  • Can I come to an in-person event if I've never attended Scor! before?

    Of course. We're just calling it a reunion because it's been so long since we've been able to meet in person. We welcome new attendees. Anyone is welcome to apply!

  • What is the location like?

    The events will be held in a quiet residential setting about 15 minutes southwest of the town of Canandaigua. It is a beautiful rural setting with a pond, woods, and scenic views. It is only a 5-15 minute drive to several closeby restaurants, lodging options, & activities.

  • Will there be lodging available?

    Yes. There is a wide variety of local B&Bs, hotels, and lodging options available from 5-15 minutes away from the event location. We will provide a list of lodging possibilities and you can find the lodging that suits you.

  • What is the application process like?

    When applications open, you'll be able to apply. The earlier you apply, the better chance you'll have to get in. Because we have a very limited capacity, we expect to fill up rather quickly. (We'll review all applications to ensure level-appropriateness and will consider overall instrumentation.)

  • Should I leave early?

    Would you leave a prize vacation early? Or a haircut? How about a restaurant meal before it's finished? You want to get the most out of the experience, and not miss out on the best part, right? Plus, why not get your money's worth? Stay through the end of the program on Saturday, then plan to leave on Sunday (or later, after enjoying this beautiful area)!

  • What are your health policies?

    Please see the button above to access our Staying Healthy Page.

  • Will people come to the Scor! National Reunions from all over?

    Absolutely. We expect people to attend from all over the country, with some flying and some driving long distances. The event schedule is designed to accommodate travel from far away.

  • What airport will I fly into?

    Greater Rochester International Airport in Rochester NY: ROC

  • How far is the airport from the Scor! Venue?

    About a 45-minute drive.

  • Will I be able to rent an instrument if I can't bring mine on the plane?

    Yes, we will work with the String House, a fantastic local string shop, to provide you with quality rental instruments.

  • Is it worth traveling to the Scor! National Reunion from far away?

    Absolutely! Believe us, IT'S WORTH THE TRIP. You won't find an environment of relaxed camaraderie, top-quality instruction, and musical fun like this anywhere else.

  • Should I wait to come until Scor! comes to my area?

    Nope. This is the Scor! location for everyone. Don't wait. If you want to attend Scor!, this is the time, this is the place. (As the last few years have taught us, you never know if you'll have the same opportunity again... the future is always uncertain. Come on over and join us this year!)

  • What if I'm not able to attend the In-Person Scor! Reunion?

    We invite you to check out our ongoing Membership, offering musical learning, monthly playing classes & fun musical experiences, and plenty of camaraderie. Click on the header or footer for Membership, or on the yellow button at the bottom of the page.

  • What about the other locations from the past?

    We will not be returning to any of our other previous locations. If you wish to attend a Scor! event in person, please make plans to travel to the Rochester NY region! (The Finger Lakes are a beautiful, prime tourist destination in the summer!) Although we would like to expand to include other locations in the future, it simply isn't possible at this time. Why? Touring all over the country in a motorhome for 6 months each year to put on events is a HUGE commitment & investment (to put it mildly). This model was conceived and built in a different world, and after everything that has happened in the last few years, both nationally & personally, unfortunately we are unable to pick up right where we left off. Too many things have changed. Our health situations are different. Mandates & regulations have continued to change unpredictably in many areas. Fuel costs have skyrocketed. Supply chain issues plague & threaten the viability of motorhome travel. Areas we have traveled through have destabilized. And many of our past facilities have breached contracts, gone out of business, not allowed us to return, changed rules & regulations, and increased prices astronomically. Plus, many of our clients still feel hesitant about coming to an in-person event. It's hard to predict exactly how things will be in the future, so although we wish to include more locations at some point, we have no current plans to do so. Our current location, these home base events, have to be successful first. (If you're on our email list, you'll definitely find out about all our future plans.)

  • What about my credit?

    If you have a credit from a cancelled event in 2020, don't worry. Your credit has been extended through Dec 31 of 2023. That way you'll have the opportunity to use your credit to sign up for any number of programs, including membership, courses, merchandise coupons, and in-person events. For more info on credits, see the link below under "Credits".

Beautiful New Digs!

Scor! New Home Base

We are in the process of renovating a rehearsal room, creating new office space, and putting together a new home base for Scor! in a beautiful rural setting in the Finger Lakes area of western New York state. We'll enjoy a focus on ensemble playing & camaraderie, while relaxing in a serene natural setting. Enjoy more pics below!
bench on deck

The In-Person Scor! Experience

Make music with newfound friends in ensemble, participate in unique & amazingly informative instructional sessions, and meet our incredible experienced and knowledgeable faculty. It's a learning, growing, fun, exciting, educational, inspirational experience you won't want to miss! Instruction is tailored especially for adult string players like you  at your level by national leaders in the field of adult string education. 

*Judy says , "The Scor! experience was absolutely perfect for me. You are wonderful musicians & gifted teachers. The program was interesting & engaging. Thank you for inventing a super experience for adult learners!"*

Musical! Scor! is packed with instruction, ensemble-playing, & musical fun. Nurture your technical skills and musical sensibilities and enjoy playing with others like you at your level. Be inspired by the quality teaching & performing of our first-rate faculty. Enjoy a diverse experience with lots of playing opportunities, transformative instructional sessions, relaxing community and camaraderie, beautiful faculty performances, and more! A first-time camper writes, "Scor! was a delightfully challenging and satisfying learning experience for me...Scor! has energized my musical soul."

Fun & Inspiration!
 We take our quality instruction seriously. But we also have loads of fun! Shed that pressure of always having to get it right and enjoy learning and growing with your peers. Let your hair down for a few days and take in the Scor! experience: meaningful, transformative, enjoyable, challenging, fulfilling...and just plain fun. A long-time camper says of Scor!, 
"Positive encouragement in a non-threatening, low stress environment that brings out the best musician in each of us!"

 Scor! is full of friendly, excited, and enthusiastic people who are immersed in musical and personal growth. Meet others with similar interests; enrich your life through wonderful new friends. As one camper describes: 
"Taking up the cello as an adult was a kind of isolated pleasure until I discovered Scor!. Experiencing a community with the same interest and with 
such an incredible level of enthusiasm and friendship has been wonderful."

For you! You will love and treasure your Scor! experience, specially designed for adult string players like you. "I hardly know where to start. Scor! has truly changed my life." writes one long-time Scor! camper. "Scor! is the most supportive and encouraging environment for the adult string player on the planet." says a faculty member. If you immerse yourself fully in the Scor! experience, we're confident that you'll share the same story! 

The building Scor! is truly a labor of love--by campers, founders Kyle & Beth Bultman, donors, faculty, board members, volunteers, sponsors, and more! This has resulted in the one-of-a-kind Scor! 'flavor' or 'vibe'... As a recent multi-year camper puts it, 

"The atmosphere at Scor! is unique and powerful. First-timers catch the spirit immediately. Scor! deserves the support of everyone who loves music & people.

Where can I find more info?

Schedules, price, faculty, venue info, meal info, program, etc.

There is a lot of info available on the Play & Stay & FAQs links on this page. There is also tons of info on each event available! Simply click the button by the event listing (above) and you'll find 5 pages worth of event-specific info!)

Want more info on the Finger Lakes Region?

Canandaigua NY: Vacation Destination!


How can I use my Scor! credit?

20 years, over 100 events

Below are photos from 2018, our 100th event year.

Scor! has a long history of producing in-person events. Over the last 20 years, we have put on 122 Scor! Camps! We look forward to seeing you at our Scor! National Reunion Camps in July/August 2023!

What is going on with Kyle?

In answer to your questions...

Kyle endured a prolonged illness & hospitalization last year. He is doing much better and has had a remarkable recovery, gaining back much of his previous strength. Some health challenges remain from his ordeal, and he continues to work on gaining more stamina & endurance. Some who know us have been asking for more about our story. You can find it here...