Scor! Strings Membership

an ongoing membership

Improve your playing. Enrich your knowledge. Connect with like-minded players. Get ongoing support and advice from Scor! faculty. Enjoy personable live sessions. Benefit from Q&As. More of Scor!... all year long!
string instrument with bow

Play Expressively!

an interactive course

Want to develop the knowledge, technique, and freedom to express yourself more fully on your instrument? Find your unique musical voice and learn to play expressively!

Topical Individual Instruction

a series of 4 live one-on-one sessions

Want one-on-one help to learn and grow in your playing? Pick a topic or request one of your own, and receive a series of 4 live and interactive individual online sessions, catered exactly to your level and needs. Written resources also included!
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Online Offerings Overview

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Why Online?

How will I benefit?

  • Keys to Improvement

    There are so many foundational, technical, and musical elements to string playing. Even with private lessons and/or ensemble experiences, there is still so much to learn in order to improve and get more enjoyment and satisfaction out of playing!

  • At Your Fingertips

    Without the effort and unpredictability of traveling to an in-person event, online you can easily reach a helpful boatload of resources, experiences, and interactions to help you grow, improve, and enjoy playing even more!

  • Enjoy Connecting with Others!

    All our online programs have an interactive component, so that playing doesn't become only practicing by yourself. Get inspired by connecting with others!

Types of Online Offerings

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  • Ongoing Memberships

    Join as an ongoing member for access to a library of helpful video & written resources & lessons to help you improve, an engaging & inspirational Community Forum, and live Zoom Sessions & Q&As. Members pay monthly or annually for ongoing access.

  • Interactive Courses

    These engaging deep-dive interactive courses will last 6 weeks each. Sign up to learn from both pre-recorded and live sessions along with your peers. Focus on enriching your knowledge and improving your playing in a specific area. Courses on different topics will be offered throughout the year.

  • Topical Individual Instruction

    Sometimes there isn't enough time in your private lessons or ensemble amidst your musical endeavors to address or focus on certain topical areas. Experience expert instruction, and hone in on areas of weakness or obstacle in your playing to see real improvement. Offered in a sequence of 4 sessions, custom scheduled. Topical handouts provided.


...about online programs

  • When will your online program start?

    Signups are now open to become a Scor! Strings Member, and also for courses and individual instruction. See the Online Offerings Page for more details.

  • How long will the online program last?

    Our online programs will continue to be offered throughout the year. You can sign up for an ongoing membership, various 6-week interactive courses (offered in fall, winter, & spring), or a series of 4 topical individual instruction sessions. See our Online Offerings page for more info.

  • There are a lot of online offerings, and it's a lot to take in. What should I do first?

    If you're unsure of what to start with, become a Scor! Strings Member. This is our foundational offering. Then, if you want enrichment with a course or extra help with individual instruction, you can seek it later. As a member, you'll also get discounts on the other parts of our program as well!

  • I have a credit from a cancelled Scor! Camp. Can I use it for the online program?

    Yes! You can use your credit to sign up for one of our online interactive courses, being offered at intervals throughout the year. When our signup with credits is ready, you'll find out via email. (Your other choice is to use the credit for an in-person event in the summer of 2022, as your credit will last through December 31, 2022.)

  • Why should I sign up when I can just watch free videos on YouTube?

    Sure, you can find free videos on YouTube. What you can't know is the quality and accuracy of the instruction, the expertise of the instructor, and how the content applies uniquely to you. We can help you learn, grow, and be inspired in a way that random searches for YouTube videos cannot! Also, this is your chance to support musicians as teachers & artists, especially in this time of uncertainty and upheaval, to ensure that there is still music and beauty in our world for years to come.

Future Offerings

Look forward to these additional offerings coming soon!

  • Express! Arts Membership (opens in December 2021)

    Delve into musical creativity! We’ll share ours with you, and help you develop yours! Enjoy performances of original compositions, then try them! Receive practice tutorials, playing tips, & behind-the-scenes looks at composing. Get sheet music of Beth Bultman's compositions, and play the new pieces in live Zoom classes.

  • Unlock Your Playing, an interactive course (Jan-Feb 2022)

    Do you want to overcome obstacles in your playing? Obstacles can take many forms, such as mental (lacking understanding & efficiency in progress), physical (tension, rigidity, & stiffness in your body), or emotional ( negative thoughts, hesitation, fear of making a mistake). This interactive course will enable you to overcome your obstacles, unlock your true potential, and play with freedom and enjoyment.

  • Find Freedom in Improvisation, an interactive course (April-May 2022)

    Anyone can improvise. (No really, anyone, including you!) It's whether you want to or not that's the question. Do you want to find your own unique improvisational voice? Give it a whirl? It's not intimidating. It's actually fun. Don't miss this chance...join us!


Please ask!

We are happy to answer your questions about Scor! Ask your faculty directly by emailing us through the link below. We look forward to connecting!