Scor! Reunions

New home base in western NY

We are in the process of renovating a rehearsal room, creating new office space, and putting together a new home base for Scor! in a beautiful rural setting in the Finger Lakes area of western New York state. We'll enjoy a focus on ensemble playing & camaraderie, while relaxing in a serene natural setting.
bench on deck

Recent Renovations

Office Space

We needed to get a water-damaged wall and window rebuilt to create office space at our new home base. Looking good!
office wall

Rehearsal Room

We're renovating to create a new rehearsal space, replacing old entrances and bringing in more light.

New donated piano!

Symerge recently acquired a grand piano from a generous donor. (Ever moved a piano? These guys were real pros!)
Now we can use the new piano for both future in-person events and creating performances and play-alongs to share in our online program. Thank you, generous donor!

Support Scor!

Help us get back to putting on in-person events!

Help us prepare the way for future in-person events by making a financial contribution to Scor!. We need your support to pull this off! Help us ready the home base facility for in-person events, and build a more resilient mobile infrastructure so we can put on future tour events.

Scor! Tour Events

We traveled across the USA in an RV putting on over 100 events for a decade until early 2020. However, restarting traveling for events is not the same endeavor it was. Due to unprecedented changes and current unpredictability, planning in-person events for the future presents many unforeseen challenges. We are working on restructuring our mobile model to be more resilient & flexible. We'll have our own local transportation, towing a vehicle behind the motorhome, rather than a trailer. This way we can have much-needed local transportation when we are out on the road. This allows us to stay at a different location than the event when necessary, and also have a back-up means of driving in case of mechanical failure. This increased flexibility will be important when planning new tour events. We are in the process of setting up our motorhome to tow our truck so we can be more reliable and flexible. Help us plan for future tour events by contributing to this stage of development!

Steps toward touring events...

We'll need to complete these steps to make our touring model more resilient & flexible.

  • Repair & beef up our power systems in the motorhome for on-the-road preparedness.

  • Install a system to make towing a vehicle behind our motorhome possible.

  • Secure the bedcover in our truck so we can stow needed gear securely.

Able to help?

Share your support.

It will cost about $7,000 - $10,000 just to prepare our mobile model for future touring events. Thank you for any amount of support you can share!